Here are some frequently asked questions that may help make your MeBookz experience awesome.

What is MeBookz?


Simply put, MeBookz put your kids in the center of its story books. We are the only company that creates completely personalized and fully illustrated picture books with your kid as the main character. Our customizations include using your kid’s name as well as creating a fully illustrated main character in your kid’s likeness. Far beyond any story time experience, MeBookz will transform and enhance story time by making your child the star of the story.

How can I personalize book?


It is really simple. In two simple steps, you can create your kid’s personalized book. First, select a picture book from our awesome book collections on the MeBookz website, then upload a picture of your child as well as some personal details (e.g. name). That’s all you need to do…we’ll do the rest. Using your information we will create a fully personalized and illustrated picture book, using your kid as the main character. Watch as your kid comes alive when he/she recognizes herself/himself in the book.

What age range are your personalized books appropriate for?


The age range varies for each book. Generally, our picture books make great gifts for children ages 3 and up. You can find the specific age for each book below the cover. Remember, MeBookz is more than just a bookstore, it is a community. We continue to grow our book collections and look to you, our partners, to suggest, recommend different storylines, genres and authors.

Can I customize two characters in one book?


Yes. You have the option to personalized two characters, instead of just one! This means your child and his/her friend or sibling can both feature in the same book. This option is exclusive to the Knights and the Robber storybook. We will extend it to other books shortly.

How is the eBook different from the printed book?


At MeBookz, we go out of our way to meet your needs. You can enjoy your personalized book as an eBook or as a printed book. See the basic differences below:




Paper Book


Electronic book that can be viewed on your computer and tablet devices Printed and bound

Delivery Time

Approximately 4 days to allow for book customization. Approximately 10 days to allow for book customization, printing and shipping


Approximately 24% cheaper than printed. Slightly more expansive than eBook version to accommodate printing and shipping.


You will need a computer or tablet device to access the book You can carry your paper book everywhere!

Whether you buy an eBook, a printed book, or both, you can be guaranteed that you will be getting a top quality, MeBookz guaranteed, awesome gift for a child.

Uploading Your Kid’s Pictures

What picture should I use?


A high-quality picture of your child’s face.

Should I submit a black/white or color picture?


We recommend color.

What picture formats does MeBookz accept?


These formats: .jpg and .png formats.

What will happen if I submit a low resolution picture?


Not to worry. We will contact you using the email address you submitted and request a different picture.

Ordering & Account Information

How many books can I order at once?


As many as you would like to order. And great news! For all purchases over $100, your shipping is on us! Yes, FREE!

When will I receive my book?


For eBooks, 5 business days. For paperback, 7 days(expedited mail) or 2 weeks(regular mail)

When will my credit card be charged?


Once you’ve completed your order. We start creating your book right away to ensure you receive it on time.

Can I ship books to different addresses within one order?


Unfortunately no. You can only ship an order to a single shipping address. However, if you would like to send your books to different addresses, all you will need to do is create a separate order for each address.

How safe is my credit card on this site?


Very safe. MeBookz collects and processes your credit card information over a secure Internet connection. To ensure further safeguards, we do not store your credit card information on our system once we have processed your order.

Can I use more than one promotion code on an order?


No. You may only use a maximum of one promotion code on an order.



Where do you ship to?


Customers from anywhere in the world can personalize and purchase our eBooks. For printed books, we currently ship to Canada and USA only. We plan to expand into other countries shortly.

What if my book arrives damaged?


At MeBookz, your complete satisfaction is our #1 priority. We will go above and beyond ALWAYS to ensure your experience is nothing less than perfect. We guarantee that your order will arrive error-free, with beautiful quality and that the recipient will love it! If the quality of your order is poor, or it arrives damaged, we will remake it for free.
To ensure a quick and efficient delivery process, we unfortunately cannot accommodate any changes once your order has been submitted. So, please keep this in mind as you are personalizing your books.
We stand by each of our products and work overtime to provide flawless customer service. We know that our personalized gifts will be a big hit. There’s no risk, so order now!