Upcoming Book Release: Me in the Bible

Okay, this is really exciting! Here is another series of ‪#‎picturebooks‬ we are working on: Me in the Bible.

We are working with a great author and very creative illustrators to bring a uniquely personalized approach to sharing bible stories with your kids!

Imagine your kids could – literally- walk in the shoes of their bible heroes! […]

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Book Release: Zara Grows Up

“Zara Grows Up” is our birthday-themed book.

A day before Zara’s birthday, Zara feels a little queasy. Excited about the party! But not so sure about what it means to “Grow Up with lots of grown up responsibilities”. What would she be? What would she do? Follow Zara as she navigates a number of “Grown Up” […]

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Upcoming Book Release: Mission North Pole


“Mission North Pole” is our Christmas-themed book.

A day before Christmas, Zara, Wyatt and Ashley discover they have a HUGE problem on their hands! They aren’t sure that they made it on Santa’s NICE list this year, and since it’s just a few hours before Christmas, it was too late to do anything about it…OR WAS […]

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