Hi! My name is Paul, and I am the founder of MeBookz. The beautiful princess you see clinging to my neck is my daughter, Zara. She is four years old and the inspiration behind MeBookz.

Like most parents, I enjoy reading to Zara every night, and she loves it! I get goose-bumps when she asks for a second story after we just completed one! So you can imagine how disappointed we both feel when we run out of books to read. On such days, I’ve had to improvise…I tell her my own made-up stories. To compensate for the hurriedly put-together stories, I add a twist: I put Zara in the stories. I typically create a character named Princess Zara who journeys through the story and navigates life’s many lessons. ZARA LOVES THEM!

She loves them for one key reason, she is the star of the stories. I notice she pays more attention, every decision made means a lot more, and for weeks on end, she remembers the stories, the characters, and the life lessons.

MeBookz was born as an opportunity to enhance story time with kids. At MeBookz we create awesome, fun, exciting, and engaging children’s picture books…with a key difference: each book is created specifically for your child, the book is personalized and the main character is illustrated to look like your child. Every single book is a unique and well-crafted masterpiece, no one else in the world has an identical book…it truly is a book specifically for your child. Zara enjoys the books very much and I hope your kids do too.

One thing we ask. Please share your thoughts and feedback. We are a learning organization and value all feedback we receive.

Happy reading!

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