We are very excited to launch our very first superhero series. Working with a super creative author, PJ. Chuks (the same author that created our bestsellers, Mission North Pole and Zara Grows Up), MeBookz is super-pumped to announce this amazing superhero – Incredible Me!

Why do we need another superhero? Aren’t there enough superhero books out there?

Yes…..and, NO.

Yes, there are a number of superhero books in the market.

But NO, we do not have enough superheroes yet, at least not until we’ve created superheroes that allow kids of all ages to see themselves as their very own superheroes! This is why we are super-psyched about MeBookz’s new superhero – Incredible Me.

Incredible Me can stand toe-to-toe with all other superheroes out there – cool powers, super strength, ability to takedown bad guys and save the day. But this superhero comes with one key difference – guess who plays the superhero? YOUR CHILD!

Yes, your child is Incredible Me…the superhero behind the cape. Our stories will feature your child as the main character that transforms into the superhero whenever she/he needs to save the day. Every child dreams of becoming a superhero, and now they can…literally!

This series is dedicated to every child – big, small, tall, thin, popular, or a little awkward- every child who’s ever wondered if they are good enough, strong enough, tough enough, brave enough…or something-else-enough. Every child who’ve ever wondered if they really could accomplish the impossible. Incredible Me was created for such a child because every child deserves to see themselves as the superhero that they are!

About the new book – Incredible Me vs. Doctor Puke

When an old nemesis returns to cause chaos in the cafeteria, Zara knows she has to summon Incredible Me to the rescue!

In this episode, Zara tackles Doctor Puke, the big bully who is terrorizing her friends at school. This will require her to be smart, strong, and fearless. After all, Doctor Puke is no ordinary villain!

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