I love the bible. It always fascinates me how God, in His infinite wisdom and power, chooses to work with frail men and women in the Bible. These frail individuals are in many ways like you and I, with many flaws and short-comings…but God still uses them!

I’ve always wondered what it must have been like to walk in the shoes of one of these bible heroes. Like Moses when he led Israel through the Red Sea, or David when he faced Goliath, or even Daniel when he was thrown into the lion’s den! To feel their absolute helplessness balanced by their complete reliance on God! Oh, how easy it is to focus on the God’s miraculous wonders…but lose sight of the ordinary men and woman who were part of the story.

MeBookz’s Me in the Bible series allows kids to literally walk in the shoes of their bible heroes. See what they saw, experience their challenges, and witness – firsthand – God’s amazing power to rescue! It provides a medium to enable kids personalize their faith and Christian experience!

The first book in these series is – Zara and the Red Sea. In this book, Zara gets to experience the Bible story of how the Israelites crossed the Red Sea. Except, this time, Zara plays the role of Moses. By walking in Moses’ footsteps, Zara learns, first hand, about God’s mighty power as well as Moses’ bravery.

At the end of the book, you’ll find a set of fun and exciting bible study activities for parent and child to discuss the story. These activities help to provide context about the real Bible story. Just as important, it provides a healthy environment for kids to ask questions and share their thoughts.

Here is a review we received from Carrie (Ontario, Canada). She got the book for her son, Spenser:


It was pretty special to watch his smile growing as I read the book. Every time he heard his name and saw the picture he smiled. When we did the questions at the back of the book, that was my favorite part. It really helped him connect and gave us good discussion.


I pray you and your child are blessed as you read the book together.


Paul Okoye (Author – Zara and the Red Sea)

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