The past couple of week, one of our authors and our founder (Paul Okoye) hosted book reading events at a number of schools. These are his stories:


Palmerston Middle School

I really enjoyed my time at this school. There’s just something about hosting a book reading at your daughter’s school that makes the world OK again!

Here’s one lesson I learned – never make a mistake when hosting a book reading event with your kid in the audience….they’ll call you out on it – hahah!

Review of the Book reading from the School Librarian (Mrs. Doig): I was so impressed with how engaged our students were to our book reading with Paul. Kids were excited and could not take their eyes off of the storybook. Having the students make up their own story really helped to hold their interest! Thank you so much, Paul!!


Adam Beck Middle School

My time at Adam Beck Junior Public School was just awesome. The principal, teachers, and kids were a delight!! I really enjoyed reading “Incredible Me” to the kids, as well as creating new stories together with the different classes.

Just watching the kids so eager to learn was breath-taking. It’s true what they say, a child’s brain soaks up any and everything. Feed them well!


Alexander Stirling Middle School

“Paul does a wonderful presentation that involves the students and maintains their engagement. He does an incredible job of explaining the writing process and demonstrates this using visuals that the students are able to understand. Paul’s energy is contagious and he is an outstanding role model for young writers. I would highly recommend booking him for a visit and we hope to see him again in our school next year.”  Tracey Tantakis – Teacher/Librarian

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