At an early age, a child forms their self-identity/worth by what they see, read, and hear. With all the mess in the internet, social media, movies, magazines, and virtually everywhere you go, it is small wonder that many kids are growing up with very low self-esteem.

MeBookz is determined to make a difference!

This is why we are launching I Am Me (Comfortable in my own skin). A literacy and self-empowerment learning adventure camp, for kids aged 5 to 8. Delivered in four modules, this experience will spark a child’s interest in reading and literacy, empower them to view themselves as superheroes with innate powers to change their world, and encourage them to create the world they dream of.

In August, we’ll be delivering separate pilot sessions at two Ontario Early Years Centers in Toronto. Then come September, we’ll be delivering sessions in a number of schools across the Greater Toronto Area! MeBookz will be partnering with these three organizations: Toronto District School Board, Ontario Early Years Center, and East Toronto East York.

See below for details about how to register for any of our summer camps:

  • 80 Sackville Street, Toronto (Alice Nguyen – 647 258 9792)
  • 4 Massey Square, Toronto (Amanda Chan at 416-690-0349)

For details about the TDSB schools we will be delivering the sessions to next school year, or if you’d like MeBookz to deliver a session at your school or community, feel free to send us an email at

Stay tuned for more updates and pictures!

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