Colouring Book – The Knights and the Robbers


Colouring Book – The Knights and the Robbers

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MeBookz presents – My Very Own Colouring Book. The same stories you love, in a colouring book! Enjoy a copy today. 

Zara and Wyatt, the bravest knights in the kingdom, are on a quest to find King Henry’s stolen crown.
Will they find the crown in time?  Help them solve the mystery inside.

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Product Description

At MeBookz, we go out of our way to meet your needs. You can enjoy your personalized book as an eBook or as a printed book. See the basic differences below:



Paper Book


Electronic book that can be viewed on your computer and tablet devices Printed and bound

Delivery Time

Approximately 4 days to allow for book customization. Approximately 10 days to allow for book customization, printing and shipping


Approximately 24% cheaper than printed. Slightly more expansive than eBook version to accommodate printing and shipping.


You will need a computer or tablet device to access the book You can carry your paper book everywhere!

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