The theme of our Summer Camps this week is – The Best Person I Can Be is ME (Learning to love what makes you unique, different, and special).

It was an awesome session filled with fun games, story time, and tons of activities. When the fun and games died down, we also had very meaningful and sometimes difficult discussions. For example, we asked the kids if they’d ever been excluded from games or friendships because of who they are, what they can/can not do. We really only expected a few answers….but we got tons! In fact, EVERY SINGLE KID has a story to share. They shared very precise stories as well as how hurt they felt. It was both refreshing to hear them share, but also depressing to know that even as kids, the world could be so harsh.

As adults, we do our kids such a great disservice if we do not take their feelings seriously. Yes, they are kids, but some experiences at a young age begin to shape who they become when they are older.

The journey to self-love must start at an early age.

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