Our Summer Camps ended this week on such an emotional high!

Each child got to create their very own superhero poster, with themselves as the superhero. On the last day, they got to see the finished product – they LOOOOVED THEM!
(Many thanks to TrentnCheryl Stanley for some really lovely lettering work!)

Behind their posters, each child got two personalized messages from two of their classmates. For each kid, we asked two classmates to share, with particular examples, the virtues that make the kid (in the poster) special, different, and awesome.
This was the highlight of the entire program for many kids. Here is one of the personalized messages. It was shared by a boy, about another kid who has now become is good friend: “You are very generous and kind. When I first came to camp I did not know anyone and felt out of place. You walked over to me, gave me a hug, looked me on the eye and said – YOU ARE MY BROTHER”.

That was so special! Just goes to show that the good you do, will follow you!

Final reflections on the Summer Camp: In all, our goal was to make sure each kid walked away with a deeper appreciation of what makes them different, special, unique and awesome. The kids tell us we met that goal.

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