Okay, this is really exciting! Here is another series of ‪#‎picturebooks‬ we are working on: Me in the Bible.

We are working with a great author and very creative illustrators to bring a uniquely personalized approach to sharing bible stories with your kids!

Imagine your kids could – literally- walk in the shoes of their bible heroes! Like Moses, when he led Israel across the mighty Red Sea. Maybe Daniel in the lion’s den. Or David, when he fought the giant Goliath!

Your child will experience, first hand, the challenges and the wonders these heroes lived through! These stories will not only highlight the awesome wonders, but also allow your kids to learn the more subtle lessons on bravery, courage, standing up for what is right, and how to deal with very difficult situations!

BOOK RELEASE DATE: September 1st (first in the series – Moses & the Red Sea).

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