“Mission North Pole” is our Christmas-themed book.

A day before Christmas, Zara, Wyatt and Ashley discover they have a HUGE problem on their hands! They aren’t sure that they made it on Santa’s NICE list this year, and since it’s just a few hours before Christmas, it was too late to do anything about it…OR WAS IT? Certainly not too late for these three friends! Together they hatch plan! They’re going to snatch Santa’s Naughty & Nice list!

To get to the list they hitch a ride on Santa’s sleigh to get to the North Pole, hide from Santa’s guards, get chased by dogs, guards, and yes, even angry elves! Sneak into Santa’s office….but oh my! Look at the time! It’s almost Christmas….is it too late?

Follow the rest the adventure in our latest picture book – Mission: North Pole.


COOL FACT: When you purchase any of our books, we personalize it by making your child the main character! With this book, you can customize up to two main characters! This means you can customize the two main characters to look like your child and his/her friend or sibling…making them partners in the adventure and stars in their very own picture book!

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