My name is P.J. Chuks and I am the author of Zara Grows Up, MeBookz’ latest birthday-themed picture book. I am a father to two beautiful little kids and a husband to the love of my life. My kids call me “the old man”, while my wife reminds me, and quite often too, that I act a little more childish than the kids…which is true. I’ve just refused to grow up. My life mantra is: Growing up is so very unnecessary.

My book, Zara Grows Up, captures the essence of childhood; that reluctant balance between wishing you were old enough to stay up late but still glad you are young enough to enjoy bed time stories.

In this book, Zara is first shown laying on her bed, a bit anxious. She’ll be a year older tomorrow…in just a few hours. But she’s got mixed feelings about the whole thing. She’s really excited about the party! The cake, balloons, and all her friends! But something mom and dad said made her a little queasy.

“You’ll be all grown up” they said, “with lots of grown-up responsibilities.”

“All Grown up?” She wasn’t ready to be a grown-up just yet.  What would she be?  What would she do? Follow Zara as she navigates a number of “Grown Up” situations (and misadventures) to discover what it means to be an adult.

This fun (mis)adventure attempts to address the question that most kids have had to answer: What do you want to be when you grow up? The book’s tone balances the need to take the question very seriously (since it may influence a child’s choice of a future career)…but with the understanding that the kid is just that, a kid, whose major short-term goal is trying not to pick his/her nose.

Partnering with MeBookz makes these story even more meaningful and fun for your child. You don’t just follow a generic kid as they navigate adult situations. Because each book will be personalized to star your own child, you get to watch your little one navigate some fun adventures and some ridiculous misadventures.

Enjoy the read!

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